Black and Decker 16-Cup Rice Cooker White RC436

Black and Decker 16-Cup Rice Cooker White RC436

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Having a party or busy with work? The Black & Decker RC436 Rice Cooker in White is the solution to your cooking problems. Make firm or fluffy rice the fast and easy way with this 16-cup rice cooker. It’s fast and simple; you don’t have to wait by the pot for your favorite recipes to cook. Just add dry rice, measure in the water, and turn the unit on. Once the rice has fully cooked, the kitchen appliance automatically switches over to keep-warm mode, which maintains an ideal serving temperature without over-cooking. You can now cook your favorite rice recipes, savory soups or stews with ease. The Black and Decker rice cooker comes with a see-through glass lid that keeps in heat and moisture allowing you to check the food without releasing steam. It also features a spoon hanger detachable condensation catcher for convenience. The cooker has a non stick cooking bowl for easy cleaning.

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Black & Decker RC436 White Rice Cooker:

  • Makes up to 16 cups of cooked rice
  • Automatically keeps rice warm for hours
  • Indicator lights signal cooking option and keep warm cycles
  • Removable nonstick cooking bowl ensures fast, easy cleanup
  • Lid hanger holds lid while serving and keeps water off your counter
  • Heavy-duty tempered glass lid
  • Cool touch side handles
  • Includes rice measure, serving scoop and steamer basket
  • Model# RC436


  • I wasn’t sure if these even worked at cooking rice so I didn’t want a big $ investment. Not only was this a bargain but I am well pleased with the product so far. I’ve never had rice done perfectly before. It usually ends up crunchy or starchy but I’ve used it every day for 5 days and with 2 different kinds of rice. You have to add extra water if you prefer more moist rice but I am happy with this rice cooker and would recommend it for first time bargain hunters. WARNING though it does spit from the lid as it cooks.
  • I love this rice cooker! Makes a lot more than my smaller one. No problems that I can not handle.
  • We got this rice cooker from Walmart online. It is just $15 and working like the costly one and I am loving it.
  • I cook the cheaper brown rice in this. An unexpected surprise is the inside comes out so you can put it in the dishwasher. I can also steam veggies in the tray. There is a cook and keep warm setting, no timer. They recommended you not put this under a cabinet due to the steam vent. A valuable book came with this for cooking times, amount of water to use, amount of rice/type of rice and vegetables.
  • I purchased this item as a gift and the recipient is very very happy. I loved the price and the shipping was quick. I told my friends about shopping on line at Walmart. I have someone else in my office who has started to shop online at Walmart too. She is very happy also. Thanks
  • I have purchased this product in 2015. For some reason this product didn’t work after a year. I had 2 years of manufacturer warranty for this product. So I claimed warranty a couple of weeks ago for replacement unit with my purchase receipt with Spectrum Brands. They welcomed it and dispatched a brand new replacement unit (even new model which costs $30 in amazon now) to me. I strongly appreciate this customer service provided by Spectrum Brands. Kudos Team.
  • Like this cooker a lot. Can be used for steaming too AND the non stick pot makes it so easy to clean. My old rice cooker did not have the non stick pot so it would have to soak after cooking rice but this wipes up easily.
  • I bought this rice cooker as a present to my Auntie who just arrived in the U.S. from Southeast Asia, a month after she sent me a message that it quit working. Since she cannot return it to a Walmart store we have to pay for shipment to return it. I am one unhappy customer because this is supposed to be my welcome gift for her.


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