Better Homes and Gardens Vanity Organization Tray

Better Homes and Gardens Vanity Organization Tray

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Improve your home organization with this Better Homes and Gardens Vanity Organization Tray. It gives you an easy place to quickly store miscellaneous items that you use every day. Use it for jewelry, cosmetics, car keys, your cell phone and more. This contemporary vanity tray also provides a handy place to store your personals when you’re in a rush. It comes with a raised edge so everything stays inside and a soft base that prevents scratches. This bathroom vanity tray is available in a nice range of colors.
Better Homes and Gardens Vanity Organization Tray:

  • Contemporary vanity tray is made from sturdy steel construction
  • 3/4″ depth safely holds jewelry
  • Soft base prevents scratching of countertop
  • Sleek lines create a contemporary look
  • Available in various colors
  • Available colors: bronze, brushed


  • Use as a remote holder on coffee table, bottom has felt
  • I had one but needed the second for Newley Reno bathroom. Looks great!
  • For my husband. Saves the. Top of my dresser! Love love love!!!!
  • I have purchased 2 of these because I like the size. They are made well and exactly what I was looking for.
  • You’ve lost a star for the pricey price. Certainly was nice to see this item as I’ve been in the hunt for one and I’ve never seen them here, but considering the costs I can speculate it takes to manufacture, distribute, and sell the item…there’s definitely room for you to move my way come down a bit and meet in the middle. All in due time I suppose. Recommended though.
  • I’ve had this vanity tray for a few months. The first one was used on the bathroom counter. That one has been used to hold a hairbrush & comb, jewelry, soap & lotion dispenser and candles. It’s a pretty versatilve and good looking tray and has turned out to be really useful. It’s easy to clean and keeps it’s looks. I liked it so much I bought 2 more. One is used in the kitchen for everyday junk like pens, pocket change, rocks (I have a son who empties his pockets into it), legos, etc. It’s a catch all. The other I use in my bedroom on my dresser for perfume and jewelry. This is a good quality tray. I love that it doesn’t slide and won’t scratch my antique dresser because there is a rubber type coating on the bottom. This is a great little tray. I couldn’t be happier with this vanity tray. I highly recommend it.
  • I received the Better Homes & Gardens Vanity Organization Tray. I tried numerous ways to utilize it. First I put all my medications on it and it helped me keep them well organized. Then I tried putting my makeup on it. It was long enough for my makeup brushes and held all my basic makeup items (foundation, powder, mascara, lipsticks, rouge, eyeshadow and two brushes) very well. The non-slip bottom of the tray is great because it keeps it from sliding on any surface. The finish and sturdy construction of this tray makes it feel like a high priced item. If I didn’t like it so much I would consider giving it as a gift for a friend. I would/have recommended this item to my family & friends.
  • I received my Better Homes and Garden vanity tray and found it well made for a plastic tray. It is quite heavy and has a mar proof bottom to it so that will not mar anything it placed upon. I used it by putting it on a table to store my house keys, car car keys, and loose change onto. Used for that purpose it does a fine job. I guess my main problem with the tray is it’s real usefulness other than how I am using it. So if you have a need to store items that might scratch or mar your furniture you might consider purchasing this vanity tray.
  • Unfortunately this item did not meet my expectations. The item description says that this product is “sturdy,” but I have to disagree. Immediately after receiving this product and I opened it out of the shipping bag and it felt very cheap. It is very lightweight and the upper tray portion feels kind of like an inexpensive cookie tray from a place like a dollar store. I personally feel like if I ever dropped, put too much weight on this tray it would dent very easily. Next the color description is simply “brushed.” This threw me off a bit because after studying the picture online I was expecting something a little more along the lines of a silver. This product is more of a ‘Brushed Nickle’ and next to my chrome fixtures it doesn’t match. The bottom portion does have the scratch proof fabric to prevent scratching but again it is almost like a felt piece of fabric. If you were to get water or spill something (like a nail polish remover) on your bathroom counter it will soak right up into that fabric. I also didn’t expect it to be as small as it was, but also I only looked at the picture and didn’t pay attention the measuring specs when I ordered it. I guess it would be a nice decorative piece if it matches your décor, but that would be all.
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