Better Homes and Gardens Sullivan Ridge Hard Top Gazebo with Netting 8×8

Better Homes and Gardens Sullivan Ridge Hard Top Gazebo with Netting 8×8

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Enjoy the outdoors with the Better Homes and Gardens Sullivan Ridge Hard-Top Gazebo with Netting. Designed with style, comfort and durability in mind, the shelter is constructed of metal and UV-resistant fabric. The frame is tip and rust resistant, adding resilience. This outdoor metal gazebo has a large canopy to provide shade for you and your friends and family. To increase your comfort, mesh curtains keep bugs out. The curtains zip closed or can be tied back, allowing easy access. Have fun in the outdoors while staying protected from the sun and bugs with this 8′ x 8′ Better Homes and Gardens gazebo.
Better Homes and Gardens Sullivan Ridge Hard-Top Gazebo with Netting:

  • Stylish design
  • Sturdy frame for durability
  • Weather-resistant powder coating
  • UV-resistant fabric
  • Mesh curtains zip close or tie back
  • Tip and rust resistant
  • 8′ x 8′ Better Homes and Gardens gazebo is made of durable metal
  • Easy to assemble: tools provided
  • Dimensions: 96″L x 96″W x 102″H (243.8 cm x 243.8 cm x 259.1 cm)

Manufacturer’s Information:


  • Just bought this gazebo to shade our spa. I used the free ship-to-store option.The package weighed 252.8 pounds but four young bucks slid it into the back of my GMC Yukon at the Wal-Mart front doors. I closed the hatch and drove home. My wife and I then opened the carton while still in the truck. Inside were several smaller packages and pieces so we made about 6 trips each until the all of the contents were out back. The hardware was packaged very nicely, organized in blister packs on white cardboard. Total assembly time for the two of us was about 4 hours using a small impact driver to run up the bolts quickly. We are very happy that we found this gazebo after looking at the prices of others. It looks great. We bolted on the roof panels AFTER lifting the roof frame onto the posts. It took a ladder to reach the bolts but I was able to get them in without incident. The package dimensions in inches are 85.5 X 25.5 X 9.5, so it is under eight feet, fitting easily into trucks and large SUV’s.
  • We purchased this gazebo last summer and have been pleasantly surprised at how structurally sturdy it is. The netting, however, was damaged recently during the last storm and I am having trouble trying to find a replacement. Any advice on where I can purchase?
  • 8 People to assemble? I think Not…How about just Me & the wife? If you are wandering how it could be done bu only two people the 1st thing to do was to disregard the steps in the poorly designed instructions. We set the whole frame up starting with the brace poles and supports then worked the exoskeleton up from there with the help of two step ladders (10′ & 6′). Next step was to get the crown assembled and start working from the top down installing roof panels. The crown was not manufactured correctly and the supplied panels would never fit as shown in the drawings. Speaking of the drawings…I could not even tell which way they should be oriented by the poor sketches. This is the weakest part of the whole design if you ask me and even if every part were made to fit perfectly in this area it still would be prone to blowing away in wind gust during storms. I got around the faulty parts by using self tapping metal screws and drilling small guide holes for them to anchor every panel PRIOR to placing the metal cover bars that were intended to be the only anchor holding them down. This was the most time consuming and frustrating part of the whole assembly and I suspect most if not all buyers will experience this issue. The large roof panels themselves fit pretty well and went on in about a hour. So if you were like me and wondered if it could be built without assembling the top on the ground and having 8 people pick up a 250 lb behemoth above their head…YES it can be done and frankly I think its the easiest way to construct it.
  • This was a bigger project than we anticipated for 2 reasons: the gazebo is MUCH bigger and heavier than we thought, AND some of the welds were off on the crown piece, so we had to figure out what exactly was wrong, and then use a hammer and tin snips to ” reconfigure ” a couple of roof panels. We put 2 legs on with the roof completely assembled and standing on its side ( 3 people ), rolled the roof one time to attach a 3rd leg and then hoisted the whole thing up…in a dead-lift kind of way. The last leg was attached while standing. One of the legs bent while we were standing the thing up ( very ungraceful ) but everything got leveled back out when we used tap-cons to anchor the legs to the pool deck. THIS GAZEBO IS GORGEOUS….IT LOOKS BETTER THAN ANTICIPATED!
  • We purchased this gazebo last summer to go on our 20 x 20 deck, It fit perfectly. We live in Linden, Michigan. We were nervous about winter and the heavy snow. Our gazebo handled the winter with no problems. Not only did we make it through the winter we had high winds of 60mph and we were extremely nervous because our gazebo sits on our deck about 15ft off the ground. We hired a handyman service to install our gazebo it took approx. 4hrs two people. Extremely happy!!!
  • Im sure when put together its very nice. I placed my order, waited for delivery it took about 8 days. It is a very heavy, my husband and I were very excited to put it together. Step one… Missing pieces… Called the company as we have everything spead out to be put together and they tell us its going to take 10 days to deliver part. Very frustrating to have to wait. Cant put anything else together for that is what everything else connects to. Why they would make you wait on a part that is missing is beyond me..You pay $600 with shipping you would think they could overnight it. Scared there will be other missing parts when we start to put it together..smh
Better Homes and Gardens Sullivan Ridge Hard-Top Gazebo with Netting: Stylish designSturdy frame for durabilityWeather-resistant powder coatingUV-resistant fabricMesh curtains zip close or tie backTip...
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