Better Homes and Garden 1″ Vinyl Cordless Mini Blind White

Better Homes and Garden 1″ Vinyl Cordless Mini Blind White

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This modern Better Homes And Garden 1″ Cordless Mini Blind is safer and easier to use than traditional blinds. There are no cords to untangle. The hand grip in the center allows you to pull the blinds up and down. To use simply grab the hand grip and push up or down to the desired height. You can also use the hand grip to tilt the slats to let as much or as little light into a room as you prefer. The vinyl mini blind comes in 64-inch lengths and a variety of widths.
Better Homes and Garden 1″ Vinyl Cordless Mini Blind, White:

  • Light blocking slats
  • No lift cords or wand
  • Polyester string
  • Imported
  • 1-year warranty


Fabric Care Instructions: Dry Flat


  • We have had these blinds in one room for about a year now, and today I ordered them for the rest of the house. In addition to the safety factor of cordless blinds, much more of the actual window is visible when these are opened than with traditional blinds. (No rod or strings to obstruct the view.) They took about 3 minutes to get the hang of opening and closing (you pull to have the slats go in one direction and push to have them go in the other) but once I got the hang of them I was sold. We’ve used the set that we have in one room frequently for about a year, and they are still working perfectly, so I’m overall very happy with this purchase.
  • hi I really like these blinds very new to me cordless but they work great will buy more
  • My contractor asked how much these blinds cost?…$50-$60 and was astonished at $15.98. This is my second purchase of this type of blind. The first are three years old and function perfectly and look great.
  • My mom’s window shade was malfunctioning so I went to our local Walmart store to replace it. No luck, her window is 42″ X 64 and they didn’t have any so went online and found there were not many 42″ wide shades available. Saw this more expensive one but it was the right size. She loves it. No Pull cords and no wand. Works great.
  • Bought this for my son’s room after our puppy broke his previous blinds. His window is at the foot of his bed and he rotates a lot when he sleeps so I always had to wind the string around the curtain rod with his old blinds, for fear of it hanging down and getting caught around his neck at night. These are great! No strings, so that is no longer a worry. It was a little difficult hanging them by myself because I had to mount them from the inside of the window casing. Overall I’m extremely satisfied. Got them for around $8.97 on Black Friday and couldn’t be happier.
  • Easy installation. Easy to move up and down and tilt. Attractive on window.
  • More colors please!!! Cordless is the future. These are so fun and easy to use. It was shipped without a box. So they read our reviews.
  • I had to replace our vinyl mini blinds for one of the large windows on our porch when the plastic broke trying to open the blinds. The hardware had to be removed and new put up but I did that with no problem. The shade is easy to put up or down. No cords to try to get even for a large window.
  • Bought one at the store to replace a corded blind that got attacked by our cat. I found the blind super easy to install and works as a charm. Bought three more on line as they didn’t have them in stock at the store. Waiting to put them up after new windows are installed. May get more if they are the right size. So far, they are cat proof.
  • I really wanted these to work. I have a white kitchen and need to protect the cabinetry from damaging sunlight (causes yellowing). Sadly, these blinds do not fully close, and let in lots of light. While I love the clean look without the wand and pull strings, this blind is not satisfactory. It will be returned.
Better Homes and Garden 1" Vinyl Cordless Mini Blind, White: Light blocking slatsNo lift cords or wandPolyester stringImported1-year warranty
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