Bell Adult Helmet Terrain

Bell Adult Helmet Terrain

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Protect your head when you’re out riding with this Bell Adult Helmet. It provides the best of two worlds. It is a multi-functional product designed for both street riding and off-road use. If you want to ride up a bumpy hill, this will protect you, and it will also guard your head on a simple trip through the city. The Bell bike helmet has fusion construction that allows it to be durable and lightweight. The spin-action fit dial offers the ability to customize your fit with ease, and the pinch guard will provide a pinch-free experience. Air is no problem, as you get 15 large vents to keep you cool while riding. This helmet is designed for heads from 20″ to 24″ and provides a comfortable, wonderful experience for your head. Bell Adult Helmet Terrain:

  • Fits head sizes 20″-24″
  • Black helmet, terrain is lightweight
  • Spin-dial adjustment
  • Pinch guard
  • 15 vents


  • My wife purchased this for me as a Christmas gift and I’ve been very happy with it. It fits very comfortably and is easily adjustable.
  • I wear this helmet 99.5 times out of 100. It fits really well, The good news is that I have never tested it. I feel confident that this is a solid helmet and that it will protect my head if necessary. I hope that I never find out for sure. Buy it, wear it.
  • This helmet was cheaper than any other place I found.
  • Purchased on Received text within 24 hours to pickup. After having it for three days I notice chin strap was missing a piece. Took it to local Walmart store and given a replacement.
  • After spending countless hours trying to find the right helmet on the internet, just for the heck of it, my wife and I decided to check-out the helmets at our local Walmart. I was not expecting to find and buy anything. As it turned-out, my wife said the helmet does NOT look dorky and the price is half or less than what I was going to pay for a comparable helmet off the internet. The dial fit adjustment is great and the maximum head size is 60cm or 23.6 inches. For me there is enough room to wear a sweat band ( I do sweat riding in 100+ Las Vegas weather ). The helmet is very light and well vented. Very happy with this helmet.
Bell Adult Helmet Terrain, Black: Fits head sizes 20"-24"Black helmet, terrain is lightweightSpin-dial adjustmentPinch guard15 vents
Brand: BellMerchant: Walmart US
Bell Adult Helmet Argon, Mint: Fits head sizes 22.8"-24.4"Hardshell constructionBell argon helmet comes with visor18 vents
Brand: BellMerchant: Walmart US
Bell Adult Helmet Manifold XL: Fits head sizes 22"-24"XL sizeFusion constructionBell motorcycle helmet is lightweight10 ventsLow profile
Brand: BellMerchant: Walmart US
Bell Adult Helmet Connect, White: Fits head sizes 21"-24"LightweightPinchguardSpin-action dialRear lights15 vents
Brand: BellMerchant: Walmart US
Look out the best of two worlds in one helmet. The Bell Terrain helmet is multifunctional for both street riding and mountain biking. Its fusion construction allows it to be lightweight and durable. T...
Brand: CYCLE PRODUCTS CO.Merchant: Kmart