As Seen on TV Hurricane Spin Mop Replacement Mop Head

As Seen on TV Hurricane Spin Mop Replacement Mop Head

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The Hurricane SPIN MOP Replacement Mop Head lets you extend the life of your mop. As seen on TV, the Hurricane system literally spins dirt and dust away from your floor. The spin mop head rotates 360 degrees and pivots around furniture and other obstacles. It’s made of soft material that is perfect for hardwood and ceramic tile, as well as delicate flooring materials, such as marble. The Hurricane mop head pops off and is fully machine washable. The replacement mop heads last up to 300 washes while providing the same great cleaning action.
Hurricane SPIN MOP Replacement Mop Head:

  • For use with Hurricane SPIN MOP
  • Spins away dirt
  • 360-degree rotating action
  • Perfect for hardwood, marble, ceramic tile and more
  • Pivots around furniture
  • Head pops off and can be washed over 300 times
  • As seen on TV
  • Replacement Hurricane mop head


  • I purchased this replacement mop head to make sure I have it when needed. The Hurricane spin mop is the best mop I ever purchased and I intend to use it for a long time. The ease for having a clean mop is great and it doesn’t drip when caring it.
  • When I bought the mop I did not realize that I was supposed to have two replacement heads in the box. I did not so I ordered two more. When we tried to replace the head the operation was like major surgery. I don’t know if the first head was defective or not. As for the mop working, it is great. Much easier on me than wringing out a mop with arthritis in my hands.
  • A very well designed product. Only wish the mop ring was sturdier, that’s what broke on the last ones
  • This is a great way to spin Your way to a nice clean floor so the spin mop is a winner and a keeper for me
  • I am looking forward to using this mop after my recovery! I’ve gone through many mops and can’t find one that I’m happy with! My dearest friend recommended it and come to find out my mother just bought one too! Great minds think alike!
  • Items were just as described, received in the allotted time.
  • Love this mop So easy to use. I’m disabled and this mop makes it easy for me to be able to wash floors without the challenge of ringing out the water. Washable too!! Great value
  • this mop head is advertised as a Hurricane Spin Mop but I have an early edition of the Hurricane Spin Mop and the fitting in the center of the disc is not the same as the one that I recieve.. it fits the later edition of spin mop that I have.

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