Aqua Culture 6.5-Gal Semi-Hex Aquarium Kit

Aqua Culture 6.5-Gal Semi-Hex Aquarium Kit

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Cultivate a luxurious environment for your fish that doubles as a fun centerpiece for any room with the Aqua Culture 6.5-Gal Semi-Hex Aquarium Kit. It is simple to install, and you will find everything you need to get started inside of the box. The 6.5-gal capacity of this Aqua Culture aquarium kit makes it ideal for smaller fish, such as guppies, tetra or beta. It features a standard Superclean 10 internal filter, which keeps the water crystal clear and free from contaminants and cuts down on maintenance requirements. This acrylic aquarium kit is also outfitted with a host of energy-efficient LED lights in seven distinct colors, including blue, green, red, amber, aqua, purple and white, so you can change the tank’s appearance based on your mood.
Aqua Culture 6.5-Gal Semi-Hex Aquarium Kit:

  • Full hood with LED lighting
  • Superclean 10 internal filter
  • Acrylic aquarium kit with 7 light colors: blue, red, green, amber, aqua, purple and white
  • Feeding port in the hood
  • Can hold up to 6.5 gals
  • Includes set-up instructions


  • I just love it I put a background in the bank of fish tank . It gave extra depth
  • I started out with a small bowl for my betta. I decide to do research about betta fish & found, they prefer more space than the small bowl. The 6.5 gallon tank turns out to be the perfect fit. I love that it’s hard plastic instead of glass, b’cuz I was afraid it might easily break. I love the different colors for lighting like clear, red, green, blue…which can also automatic change colors if you’d like. I also purchased a submersible heater & a thermometer as well as other accessories. I later purchased a nerite snail named, “Goldie”, to keep “Blue” company. This tank was a great buy!
  • I bought this tank a few years ago after watching a few vids and realizing I was abusing my bettas for years. And didn’t know it. So I got this tank, a heater and a different filter for it (did not like the outtake flow on the filter provided, too strong for a betta). Two fish have lived in this tank. One was ezio who adored this tank and the current resident is howl who loves to explores nooks and crannies of this thing. Lid gets a bit dirty since I took out a hole on the back of the lid for electrical wiring (heater and air line tubing lines run through this). Lights went out after almost a year of continous use. Only blue works now. Other than those few things I love this tank. It does its job and looks pretty. Really good to showcase your beautiful betta or other small aquarium fish. Just don’t put a goldfish in there.
  • This was absolutely perfect for our home. Compact but yet good size. We purchased this for a turtle and it works beautifully. I love the different lighting features and the lift top lid making access much easier for cleaning and playing with our pet. Durable enough to be used for several years. It met our needs and then some
  • This is a great tank. I love the lights. I have seven fish tanks and this one is the best one that I have. Fish are my life now and this tank is the best for that.
  • My beta is so happy in his new roomier tank. I am not thrilled with the lights, I would like it to stay on one color and not have to set it each time but that I can live with. Also, I bought an automatic feeder for the times we are away for a couple days at a time but there is no way to add one with the hood the way it is so the auto feeder will go back. Overall an excellent value and very nice tank!
  • I have to say I was a bit skeptical of buying an aquarium at first. However, I saw this one at Wal-Mart and I made up my mind to give it a try because it was acrylic and a great design with a starter kit. Our intent was to get a small tank for Glofish since we had our miserable experience with Betta’s and their bowls/tanks already. Im really impressed with this kit, it contains everything you need except heater, gravel, and fish. The set up was extremely easy and it looks awesome! I definitely recommend this tank and set up…it has beautiful colors, nice tank lid, it even comes with fish food and water conditioners.
  • Loved the aquarium! Easy to set up. Water filter is quiet. LED lighting creates beautiful moods in the water. My Beta loves it!
  • This tank is perfect since it is a one piece tank. No place for leaks to form unless it cracks. It came with a filter but don’t be fooled. The bubbles it makes are not enough to aerate the tank for anything other than goldfish. Even at that you need a aerator to maintain a sufficient o2 level to reach the bacterial cycle required to have clear water without changing filters every 4 days. You will need other things too for other types of fish but this is great for just goldfish. 2 or 3 goldfish not more than 2 inches should be fine. The lights were great while they worked. I got 5 months out of them till the switch stopped working and now all I have are blue lights. I suspect they will stop working soon. We liked them so much I will try to get a replacement for them. At feeding time you will need to lift the lid but that is ok for us since we like to feed our fish bugs. It seems to make them grow faster. We will need a bigger tank soon to accommodate their size. We will not get one from this manufacturer because of the light problem that other buyers have complained about. Over all this tank was just what we wanted and it is serving its purpose. I would recommend this tank for a first timer and also someone looking for a smaller leak proof tank. Watch out for the lights.
  • Have had this tank for a year now. At first I thought it was great. The filter is loud and makes a pulsing sound, sometimes it screeches and I have to unplug it and it won’t work for a while and I just tried it again and now its working so its not very reliable. But what I keep in there are small and don’t make a big mess so I don’t really need a filter. The lights stop working a while ago and I just gave it a good inspection to try and figure out why and I’m assuming it is because of the mold growing inside the light case that is supposed to keep the water out.
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