APC BN650M1 Back-UPS 650VA Battery Back-Up System Black

APC BN650M1 Back-UPS 650VA Battery Back-Up System Black

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Protect computers and other delicate electronic equipment from power surges and data loss with this APC Back-UPS uninterrupted power supply. It provides surge protection as well as battery backup so that nothing is damaged or lost during a thunderstorm. This APC Back-UPS uninterrupted power supply also includes a USB port for charging phones and other devices.

490-joule rating

Absorbs a high amount of energy to adequately protect your equipment and prolong the life of the unit.

7 NEMA 5-15 outlets

Include 5 with battery backup and 2 surge-only outlets to protect the equipment in your home office.

Full-time multi-pole noise filtering

With 5% IEEE surge let-through helps prevent interference.

Audible alarms

Provides notification of changing utility power and UPS power conditions.

USB connectivity

Provides management of the UPS via a USB port.

5′ power cord

For easy room placement.

Building Wiring Fault Indicator

This LED informs users of potentially dangerous wiring problems in the wall circuit.

Wall mounting sockets

Keyhole sockets for mounting the UPS in structured wiring closets, behind desks, in basements, garages, etc.

APC $100,000 equipment protection policy.


  • Quick installation, this UPS is good for the quick brownout don’t expect long run times since that is not what this is designed for. The USB charging port is great for todays users in an office.
  • This unit works as promised with no problems through the power spikes associated with hurricane Matthew.
  • This unit will work great with most home systems, providing sufficient back-up power to weather short power outages.
  • Power at my house has a tendency to drop for a few seconds and then pop right back up. I had to purchase a small UPS for my router, needed this bigger one for a computer. This will do the job and keep the computer from dropping when the power cycles.
  • If you don’t own one of these, you should BACK UP to your local store and pick one up ASAP! There’s no better feeling than plugging this in and plugging your devices into it to ensure that they’re safe from power outages and power surges!
  • Yay! Blinky lights, beeps and lots of places to plug things in, plus the box tasted great with hummus! I’m not sure what it does, but it looks pretty cool there under the desk with all kinds of things plugged into it.
    Just kidding, of course. I bought this to have a backup in place to keep the cable modem and router powered up in the case of a service failure. Those are the only 2 items plugged into the battery backup side, everything else is on the surge suppressor side. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that I really thought I’d get more runtime for just those 2 devices. A nice touch is the outlet spacing which takes device transformer size into account.
  • This item was easy to install and fit nicely into a compact space. Certainly enough receptacles available for the plug-ins which I have. No power failures yet, so I can’t comment on how it responds under pressure.
  • This back up battery does everything that I needed it to, and all at a very reasonable price!
  • Works perfectly and has the right amount of outlets for our home theatre plus modem and router. Already passed the power outage test.
  • I have three of these and they keep my TV, Internet, lights and my computer running whenever the power goes out during our many rain storms/thunderstorms that we get in Florida.
  • Bought this unit to replace an older model. Works very well holding the TV, sound system, and DVR from annoying and dangerous power flickers and surges.
  • This is a new style housing for the APC line of UPSs so it looks a little different than the APS units we’ve owned over the years. However, it works just as well. With multiple computers on the home network it’s highly recommended that you plug your router into a UPS too so that any downloads that may be occurring at the time of a power outage are not interrupted.
  • Bought 3 to replace an APC unit that failed just after the warranty period. Two of the new units went into shutdown for no reason and failed to restart. Am bringing the units back. Will not buy APC again.
    Too bad the review does not rate 0 as that is what I would rate the product.
Protect computers and other delicate electronic equipment from power surges and data loss with this APC Back-UPS uninterrupted power supply. It provides surge protection as well as battery backup so t...
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Designed to use less energy during normal operation, this backup system provides enough power for you to work through short and medium length power outages. Data line protection safeguards your equipm...
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