Amped Wireless High Power Touchscreen WlFi Range Extender

Amped Wireless High Power Touchscreen WlFi Range Extender

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Make work or play easier with the Amped Wireless High Power Range Extender. It offers up to 10,000 sq ft of Wi-Fi coverage and has a simple-to-use touchscreen design. You can connect to devices with wired ports. The touchscreen Wi-Fi network extender eliminates dead spots. It also provides access to AirPlay, AirPrint and home sharing options.

Amped Wireless High Power Touchscreen WlFi Range Extender:

  • Up to 10,000 sq ft of Wi-Fi coverage
  • Easy touchscreen setup
  • Eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots
  • AirPlay, AirPrint and home sharing
  • Connect devices with wired ports
  • The wireless network range extender has advanced Wi-Fi security


  • Walk me through uploading firmware update. Was very helpful and patience.
  • I had a problem with this unit recognizing my ip address. I called customer service and left a message and they timely called me back. Sam was my lovely assistant and he was totally awesome. To the point and patient. It was a good experience all around.
  • I received great support from Krista 181 in resolving a problem connecting to the device for setup. I have an MS in Computer Science and often run into HelpDesk personnel who know less about their subject than I do. Krista instinctively understood that I didn’t need babysitting and we worked out the problem together.
  • Bought this TAP-EX, plugged it in. It took a total of 5 minutes (thanks to the touch screen) to set it up. Works great and didn’t have to call customer service. Thanks
  • Sam helped me with this product and trouble shoot how to use it…so friendly and so great…not just a great product…he knew what he was doing and made me feel confident in setting it up!
  • We purchased our Amped Wireless Tap-Ex in May of 2015 and have received excellent service from it until a few days ago. We called the Technical Help group and Ralph worked with us to correct the problems. Because of our home situation Ralph had to wait for us a number of times while we moved to other parts of the building, but, he displayed remarkable patience and worked with us for about an hour to correct the problems. He obviously has a very good knowledge of the equipment and a pleasant personality. He made the whole contact easy and effective. We would not hesitate to ask for his help if we need it again. Peter and Cathy Fearn.
  • Did a great job getting my Tap100 online. Talked me through the entire process and showed me what I had been doing wrong.
  • This review is prompted by a follow-up support call with a separate computer, after having discovered an internet security program had to be white-listed on an ‘original’ computer because our DSL password had been changed by KIS. Concierge #178 was once again able to resolve lack of access to the RE. Nicely done, Ralph.
  • Bought this because it has 2 RJ45 slots to connect wired devices as well as extending the range of my current wireless. Had it connected to my network within 10 minutes of taking out of the box. I haven’t had any issues with this.
  • Well the product that I called in for was the Titan but for some reason you review send me the tapped ex review so this’ll be a good one because they less expensive tap ex has a much greater range its speed is a little slower but it still good enough for everything I was hoping for more out of the Titan but it just doesn’t have the range that the taped EX does.
  • I purchased this to connect to a sailboat. The interface is easy to connect when the networks change between ports. Main issues : older, less effective touch screen style. Kept endlessly restarting when connecting to the actual network I needed it for. Good. Display makes it easy to switch networks on the fly. Display is great when using mobile devices and tv accessories. There are better versions of this device. At this price point I went with the netgear ext7000. Best range in it’s class.
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