700c Schwinn DSB Men's Bike Oxblood

700c Schwinn DSB Men’s Bike Oxblood

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The Schwinn DSB like all Schwinn bikes comes with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike. The DSB stands for dual-sport bike. This is a bike that can’t make up its mind. Today it is a road bike, tomorrow it is a sport bike the next day it is ride with the family bike. Anyway you play it the DSB is the perfect bike for everyday riding. It has an aluminum dual sport frame with a front suspension fork to smooth out any bumps. It has 21 speeds with Shimano Trigger shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur means the shifting will be smooth and easy. No hill should stand in your way. There are dual disc brakes that will provide excellent stopping power in even dusty or wet conditions and the alloy double wall rims are strong and lightweight. A great bike value that you will enjoy riding for years to come. Schwinn, enjoy the ride!

700c Schwinn DSB Men’s Bike, Oxblood:

  • 21-speed EZ Fire Trigger shifters with Shimano rear derailleur
  • Aluminum frame
  • Schwinn front suspension fork
  • Disc brakes
  • Alloy rims, crank and Schwinn sport seat
  • Assembled dimensions: 71″L x26″W x 44″H


  • The bike lived up to my husband’s expectations. It was assembled and came before it was promised.
  • This bike has all the performance parts you need. disc brakes, aluminum frame, 700c wheels, dual sport tires, trigger shifters, shimano rear derailleur. perfect for paved trail fitness riding.
  • My last Schwinn was stolen 60 years ago and I hadn’t ridden one since but now I am and I am very happy with this bike. I added a wireless speedo and ride every week now and enjoy it… Sure wish I had 21 gears 60 years ago and not just 3.
  • I bought this bike several days ago. After reading some reviews of this and other Schwinn hybrid bikes I hesitated. The front crank gears are marginal on these bikes. I tried another model at Target and the chain came off right away. While this was probably due to poor set-up, I worried that it might ruin the gears. I bought this model mainly based on its combination of disc brakes and front shocks in a hybrid bike. The tires are wider than some other hybrid models; this may be good on rough bike trails but it does add to the weight. I changed the seat to a softer, more prostrate friendly one. The bike rides nicely after being lubricated. For the price, its a nice bike.
  • Fantastic bike and excellent value. Front and rear disc brakes, composite rims and much more which is not common for a bike in this price range.
  • Bought this bike because it looked comfortable for me to ride and get exercise on. I got it home and started doing adjustments as the disc brakes were not centered and installed a more comfortable Bell seat. I inspected the rear derailleur and it worked good. When i inspected the front derailleur and chain rings I could not believe the middle 38 tooth ring it had several teeth bent and cracked and the 46 tooth ring had a couple of bent teeth also. I was surprised how bad the chain rings were on this bike and called the customer service to complain and they said they would send new chain rings within 5 days. I will see how they look but I think I will go ahead and buy better made chain rings. I have heard in other reviews how bad the front derailleurs shift on schwinn bikes and after inspecting the front chain rings on mine I could see why they are cheap made junk. Other than that it really is a good bike but it will need the front chain rings replaced or just replace with a better crankset. So if you buy a schwinn be sure to inspect the chain rings to see if they are not bent and cracked like mine was.
  • Disc brakes were not on the bike I picked up from the store, but were in the online description.