700c Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Hybrid Bike Dark Blue

700c Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Hybrid Bike Dark Blue

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Enjoy the ride with this 700c Dark Blue Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Hybrid Bike. It has an all-steel frame with alloy wheels for reliability, dependability and improved performance. This 700c men’s bike features 7-speed twist shifters and derailleurs with three-piece cranks. They let you climb and descend with confidence, keeping you in motion, onward to your destination. It also has front and rear handbrakes, allowing you to achieve smooth, quick stops. The standard trim athletic seat, designed for long runs, provides sustained comfort while riding. This Dark Blue 700c Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Hybrid Bike offers exceptional performance on pavement or on light paths.

700c Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Hybrid Bike, Dark Blue:

  • Steel multi-sport frame
  • 7-speed twist shifters and derailleur
  • Front and rear handbrakes
  • Alloy wheels provide control and durability
  • 3-piece crank offers wide gear range
  • Standard trim seat for athletic riding
  • Suitable for riders 5’4″-6’2″
  • Roadmaster hybrid bike dimensions: 70″L x 25.5″W x 43″H
  • Color: dark blue


  • This must have been returned for some reason because I only paid $59.99. I had to adjust the brakes and that’s it. Wheels are true, and it shifts really smooth. I put a rack on it and have already been on a few adventures.
  • IMPORTANT! This is a SEVEN SPEED bike! No front derailleur; so only 7 speeds on the twist grip. Not that this necessarily is a bad thing on non-hilly city streets. As an experienced road bike rider I can tell you this bike flies! And you sit upright which for an older guy is appreciated! And the bike is silent; no chain noise, or knobby mountain bike tires road noise. A bargain at $79!
  • everything was great once i built the bike but i wish someone had told me that it didn’t come already built?
  • The steering head needs to be at least 42 degrees to allow for clearance when turning corners. . The design of the steering head is at the wrong angle, when you turn a corner there is interference with the foot on the pedal as it rotates.
  • Ordered the bike online, it arrived on time with no damage and only required minor adjustments to the breaks. Overall I’m very pleased.
  • I asked to rate this bike. it is my second one. The first had about 18 gears and I shreded the derailer. This has a 7 gear simpler derailer and is great. I wish that had let me know the price dropped before this survey as I paid $99 a few weeks ago.
  • I have a $1200 road bike but needed transportation during a 3 week visit to family in Portland, OR. I purchased this bike online and called the Walmart store to explain my plan and ask them to have it assembled and ready. Everything went smoothly, I picked up the bike, and rode it 20 miles to Camas in the rain. It was assembled properly, the wheels were true, and I received all the service that I needed to get me going. Negatives: The tire says max pressure only 50 psi and maximum load only 150 pounds. I am 160 pounds plus a 35 pound backpack. The bike got me to my destination without any sign of bearing or other failure. Both the quality and service were satisfactory and I will do this again whenever I travel by airline. Since I carry a backpack, the limited gearing was not a problem.
  • I ordered the bike online and it reached me with the front wheel highly tilt. The cartoon was almost torn I think the wheel was tilt due to rough handling on the way. I tried to continue but in two days, when I gently moved the pedal and felt that the free wheel in the back moved freely. I returned it and Walmart took it back with full refund.
700c Roadmaster Adventures Men's Hybrid Bike, Dark Blue: Steel multi-sport frame7-speed twist shifters and derailleurFront and rear handbrakesAlloy wheels provide control and durability3-piece crank o...
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