700c Men’s Kent Fixie Bike

700c Men’s Kent Fixie Bike

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The Thruster 700c Men’s Single Speed Bike combines style, practicality and speed for a one-of-a-kind ride that is sure to excite bicycle enthusiasts. You can have both stunning looks and practical design in one sturdy package. This flat bar single-speed features a steel frame and fork with a steel rise stem and alloy rim. This combination creates a sleek-looking piece that is both durable and lightweight. The full-protection chain guard keeps the bike chain on track and away from your legs for a secure ride. The bicycle is also fitted with front and rear steel linear pull hand brakes for added control and stability. The black and red bike is ideal for city dwellers or anybody looking for a bike that’s simple to operate and easy to maintain.

700c Men’s Kent Fixie Bike:

  • Steel frame and fork
  • Single-speed
  • Steel linear pull hand brakes front and rear
  • 700c alloy rims
  • Steel rise stem
  • Full-protection chain guard


  • You cannot beat this Fixie bike – great price and good quality. Picked up from Walmart – they had done the basic assembly which I fine tuned at home. The bike rides well and is very comfortable. Although I really like this bike I had to return because the person I bought it for is too short for this bike. You need to be a minimum of 5″10″ or you will not be comfortable getting on or off or at dead stops. The intended recipient is only 5″4″ so it would have been a struggle for them. So if you are on the short side find a different bike, but, it you are tall enough get it.
  • It’s been a good bike so far, no issues. I’m a passive rider, as I only go out a couple of times a week for 20-30min rides for leisure with my niece. Very basic bike with a really cheap seat, but after replacing that, I’ve enjoyed having it for the price.
  • I wanted to start riding a bike again for exercise only, and started shopping around for simple, low priced bike and saw this Kent online…Iv’e never rode a fixie type bike such as this one before, so I decided to give it a try. At the low price of $79.99, I knew I could not go wrong. To my amazement the bike shipped to the store within 2 days, and upon opening the box I was surprised no parts were damaged, but rather only a small scratch on the fork. Assembly was quite easy, that anyone can put it together within 15 minutes or so. The bike frame itself is sturdy and well built, while the parts are of fair quality. After riding two rides on the bike trail, I must say that the bike rides very smooth and quiet. Though it is called a fixie bike, it does not have a fixed gear hub, just single speed… This Kent bike is the perfect fitness bike and would make a great bike for those who need a bike for commuting.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle. The seat is uncomfortable, it is too hard.
  • Bike is fairly large and can be adjusted to fit lots of heights and riders. Wheels are great and bike looks very nice, I removed the stickers and bike looks like a high end fixie now. Very happy and took to bike shop to have wheels tried and bike adjusted for rider, well worth the minimal expense. Buy it!
  • I knew I wanted a bike but when I seeked out to purchase one I came across this fixie from Walmart.com. I thoroughly satisfied with my purchase from the price, the free shipping, and for the Walmart staff for putting it together for me, for free if I may add. I was a little disappointed when my purchase was not delivered on time as mentioned when I completed my transaction. Which is the shipping companies error. The customer service I received trumps the fact that I got my bike late.
  • I got my bike and put it together . Find out that wheels are not true. Spoke to manufacture first to avoid returning product right away. Customer service its top notch. I spoke to daniel and he said they will reinburse if i get it corrected by a bike shop. Im waiting for my $$ . But overall its a nice looking bike and for the price its worth it
  • Road on it 6 times, 3 days in a row, twice a day going 4 miles each trip, and every trip something went wrong, the handle bars wouldn’t stay in place no matter how much I tighten it. The breaks also wouldn’t stay in place so I had to adjust them daily and on the last trip the right peddle came off so I’ve returned it. If you want a casual bike spend more money or after a couple of rides you’ll be walking home.