5 Gallon Water Bottle

5 Gallon Water Bottle

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This 5-Gallon Water Bottle is ideal for anyone who wants to fill their own water. The bottle not only saves money on buying smaller water bottles but also avoids the high cost of water delivery. This plastic water bottle contains up to 5 gallons of water and lets you store your own purified water for your store, restaurant, office or home. It is also ideal for emergency preparation and water storage. The reusable water bottle is constructed with commercial grade durability and made out of FDA-approved food-grade plastic. This bottle is environmentally friendly and comes with a built-in handle for easy transport. 5-Gallon Water Bottle:

  • Made of 100% safe polycarbonate food-grade plastic
  • Commercial grade durability and usability
  • Reusable water bottle is environmentally friendly
  • Store your own purified water for your store, restaurant, office or home
  • Ideal for emergency preparation and water storage


  • This is exactly what I was looking for the save my coin change for a trip next year.
  • Bought it to go with the new Dispenser I purchased at the same time. Came as promised not too early and not too late. Right on time. Came w/Coupons had to fill water at Walmart right away as it came empty. Nice bottle and easy to refill.
  • Great. Fast Service getting here and fast pick up.
  • This item is being used in a bottom load water dispenser that uses a siphon to draw out the water. The neck of the bottle could bit a bit larger for a tighter fit in the siphon.
  • well constructed and delivered within 3 days. normally i use amazon but walmart had a better price.
  • This bottle was flimsy near the neck so when I put on the upside down feed the bottle caved in and spilled about half a gallon before I could unpop the bottle. I worked in an office setting that had a water dispenser and I would suggest either going with a 3 gallon or ordering your 5 gallons from a service that will use heavy duty bottles. 3 gallon bottle will likely not have the same issue.
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