26" Susan G. Komen Multi-Speed Women's Cruiser Bike

26″ Susan G. Komen Multi-Speed Women’s Cruiser Bike

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The Susan G. Komen Multi-Speed Cruiser Bike is ideal fitness equipment for women. This bike comes in a subtle pink to showcase support to the cause of breast cancer. The Susan G. Komen Bike features a deluxe, comfortable seat and easy paddles for a smooth ride. Power brakes offer precise braking and deceleration. This cruiser bike aims to become your best morning and evening fitness pal. With a strong frame and other comfortable features, it promises a safe and enjoyable ride. Front and rear fenders help protect from water splashing over. Roam the streets and boulevards in style. Moreover, a portion of your purchase will be donated to the cause of the fight against breast cancer. Kent has donated $10.00 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for each 26-inch women’s bicycle sold to retailers, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $60,000.

26″ Susan G. Komen Multi-Speed Women’s Cruiser Bike:

  • Cruiser bike
  • Steel frame
  • Deluxe comfort saddle
  • Rear coaster brake
  • Front and rear fenders
  • Dimensions: 60″L x 24″W x 36″H


  • Here’s the thing. If you know how to work on bikes than it’s not a problem. The wheels were out of round and needed straightening, the head set, bottom bracket, and front axle were too tight. Fortunately I can fix those things and the bike is up and running great. Another issue I had was the hole for the rear brake was not straight so I had to elongate it. If your not handy with a bike then buy one off the rack that’s assembled or have someone assemble it for you. The derailer and brakes will also need adjusting but that’s pretty standard stuff. My wife loves it. One more thing, the seat clamp the comes with it is worthless and doesn’t hold the seat so you will have to pick up a better one from a bike shop.
  • I love this bike I want baskets on the bike back double baskets not sure if they will fit but the bike is great very comfortable easy ride went across golden gate perfectly awesome bike thanks
  • This is a great bike if you don’t want to spend a lot of money to get a bike with 7 speeds. The seat is very comfortable and I like the fact I can sit up straight while riding. I get a lot of compliments on the hot pink color, too. I added a wicker basket on the handle bars to put my water, phone, keys, etc. in and it works great on this bike. Only negative I can think of is the rear fender had a crease in it from the way it was packaged and shipped, but didn’t take it back to the store as I figured I would probably dent it at some point myself and I didn’t want to wait for another one to be shipped to me.
  • I loved this bike but had to return it. It was damaged from shipping. I went to three stores hoping it would be in one of them already assembled, but it was not.
  • I absolutely LOVE this bike, but like many others I too received a dented fender. I decided not to return it because it is only cosmetic and it was for me, not a gift. As for the bike itself, I love it. It rides very well and has a nice wide seat.
  • I recently received this bike through the ship to home option from Walmart. Assembly was fairly straight forward with just a couple of snags. The front fender did not align properly and took quite a bit of work to keep from rubbing against the tire. Also, the back tire came flat and it turned out that the inner tube had a hole in it. There was also a small dent in the rear fender. Problems aside, the bike is comfortable and easy to ride. I like the more upright seated position and the handlebars are at a great angle. I bought this bike to help exercise my Belgian Malinois. I’ve attached a WalkyDog Plus to it and the stability of the bike has really been great for using with my dog. The bike handles well. We bike on relatively flat areas, but I think that if you were to have the challenge of many hills, even relatively small ones, the bike might be a bit heavy for that. Overall I am pleased with the bike, particularly the price. It is a nice bike for tooling around town or for a pleasant afternoon ride.
  • This is a great multi-speed beach cruiser. I had it assembled for me at walmart free of charge. It works smoothly and the color makes it easy to find ! The price is very reasonable. I would recommend it. BTW- in Europe this style bike is called a “step-through” and is used by both men and women .
  • I bought this bike for my girlfriend. I read some reviews here and thought that it was a good bike although the price was a bit low. I am kind of guys that believe expensive products are always better. Anyway, I had a limited budget so that instead of buying a used but better quality one I went with a brand new one. One of the worst decision in my life. Firstly there is no tool in the box to connect parts of the bike; you keep struggling. We don’t have a car, and I had to carry to 3 bike stores to combine all the parts or buy the tools to do myself. If you go with buying tools, it costs you averagely 50$ because there many different types of tools. Moreover, it is really very difficult to do it by yourself since it is not like the one we used to combine. Then the other option for the bike stores to do it for you which cost between 75-100$. We paid 90$ to one of those three stores because it really took hours to finish it. The nuts and parts are very low-quality materials, and while screwing them, they just lost their functionality.2 guys helped us to finish it. And riding pleasure. Its balance is extremely bad, you cannot ride smoothly. The brakes..ohh believe me using your shoes is much safer than using this cheap non-working (good) low-quality brakes. Hey if anyone is going to buy this bike for her beloved one, please don’t; if you love them enough, and their safety is important for you. pros: cheap, have two tires, have speeds and have a comfy seat
26" Susan G. Komen Multi-Speed Women's Cruiser Bike: Cruiser bikeSteel frameDeluxe comfort saddleRear coaster brakeFront and rear fendersDimensions: 60"L x 24"W x 36"H
Brand: KentMerchant: Walmart US