26″ Iron Horse Men’s Warrior 3.1 Bike Blue

26″ Iron Horse Men’s Warrior 3.1 Bike Blue

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Ignite your inner athlete. Iron Horse inspires confidence, defies compromise and destroys perceptions. The Warrior 3.1 mountain bike has an aluminum full suspension frame and front SR Suntour XCT V2 suspension fork to take all the jolt away from the rocks and bumps on the path. The Ahead stem with MTB riser bars is a nice upgrade, and there are 21-speed Shimano EZ Fire Trigger shifters with a Shimano TX rear derailleur! This is all the best to get up the hills or down the hills if you dare. The front disc brake and rear alloy linear pull brake will help you stop when you need to in dusty or damp conditions, and the alloy crank set 42/32/22-teeth are competitive with the top of the field. The platform pedals will give your shoes a grip and give you the control that you need while climbing. Iron Horse is ready for your next riding adventure.

26″ Iron Horse Men’s Warrior 3.1 Bike, Blue:

  • Mountain bike
  • Aluminum full suspension frame
  • Front SR Suntour XCT V2 suspension fork
  • 21-speed Shimano EZFire trigger shifters
  • Shimano TX rear derailleur
  • Front disc brake and rear alloy linear pull brake
  • 2.1″ thick tires
  • Alloy hubs
  • Alloy black ground-sidewall rims
  • Ahead stem with MTB riser bars
  • Assembly required
  • Dimensions: 68″L x 25″W x 41″


  • Pros: 1. The whole bike is made of aluminium. Frame, seat post, stand, forkset, handlebar, stem – all Aluminium. Therefore the bike is on the lighter side. Don’t expect it to be as light as a carbon bike, but it is lighter than the other bikes which they say are Aluminium but only the frame turns out to be Aluminium and the other parts mentioned above are made of steel which makes them heavy. 2. Great pedals and hand grips. Walmart bikes usually don’t have great pedals and hand grips, this was a pleasant surprise. 3. Front suspension has a significant amount of run making it very comfortable. 4. Both the wheels are quick release wheels. This is not mentioned in the description. Again a pleasant surprise. 5. Bottle holder slot in the frame. Again , not mentioned in the description but it is there. It is a great convenience. 6. Gear shifters work great. 7. 2.1″ tires make the ride extra comfortable. Usually 26″ bikes have 1.9″, 1.95″ or max 2.0″ tires. 8. Front disc brake is great to have. Rear one is linear pull but no complaints. 9. The bike looks really nice. This is an aesthetic related point, so views may differ. I found it very nice. Cons: 1. Rear suspension does not have a good run. It is not very uncomfortable but it could have been better. 2. The tires don’t seems to be of very good quality. It’s been just a day since I bought the bike so there is a chance that I might be wrong. Even if they turn out to be long lasting, they definitely don’t make that impression visually. 3. The chain does not move very smoothly. It moves fine but not smoothly. After lubricating it 4-5 times, it is much better than what it was when I brought it home. Still I don’t get the smoothness that I would expect from a new bike. Conclusion: Walmart sells this bike for 349$, but sometimes they roll it back to 249$ and there are also times when they roll it back further to 191.09 $ – I bought it for 191.09. I have searched a lot of websites and I haven’t found a bike with all the features that this bike has for 349$, they are all more expensive. So even if you buy this bike for 349$ then you are not getting a bad deal. If you are getting it for 249$ then you just got lucky. If you getting it for 191.09 then don’t look any further – this is the best bike out there.
  • Bought this for a friend who is an avid road bike rider, like me. (100 miles a week). He didnt have something for random casual off road rides. It’s been 3 months now and 6 rides; I havent heard a complaint. He says: comfortable saddle, nice gripping tires, handles well. and ive noticed it sits on the bike rack very easily. I ride a hybrid that cost 3 times as much, second hand. Im happy with mine, but I need to admit that this Iron Horse is handling the trails just as well … I have no cons to share about this bike.
  • I bought this for my girlfriend who is 5’4″. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work OK however when it showed up the placards in the wheels said it was for riders over 62″. I was specifically looking for a mountain bike with rapid fire style shifters. I find the grip shifters very cheap & difficult to actuate effectively while negotiating wooded trails. She loved the bike ( A surprise gift) & found it very comfortable & easy to ride. Assembly was very straight forward even though the box it was shipped in arrived damaged. Just the front wheel , handlebars & seat needed to be installed. No other adjustments were needed & unlike other comments everything worked as designed with no tweaking needed. Great value for the $