20″ High Velocity Fan Black

20″ High Velocity Fan Black

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Keep your home or office cool and comfortable with this Principal High-Velocity Floor Fan. It has a sturdy metal construction and a 110-degree pivoting head to ensure effective air flow. This three-speed floor fan features a black finish that will blend seamlessly with a variety of decors.
20″ High Velocity Fan, Black:

  • All-metal construction
  • Adjustable tilt fan head
  • 3 speed manual controls


  • it mind as well be an air conditioner. Even on low it really cool. if you like relaxing white noises this is the fan for you. Plus its super easy to set up a child could do it.
  • I started shopping for a fan after the AC in my trailer went out. I read all the reviews on this, but was still skeptical. But for the price I figured it to be a bargain. I just received it and within 5 minutes of having it turned on, the whole place is nice and cool. Im loving it
  • Not sure if I bought a fan or a tornado. Low setting is all you’ll ever need in a house. Medium and high settings may very well knock over a small child LOL 🙂 I’m buying another one! Pros All metal You can fly a kite in the house. A very big kite. I may try attaching this to a parachute for some sight seeing. Cons NOT quiet. You may need something else if you plan on sleeping in the same room.
  • WOW! I always bought the tall white plastic fans- When I bought this fan I was amazed the power this fan has Yes low is fast – this will cool my whole apt! I give this fan a 5 star! Medal blades are really awesome.
  • So we have a plastic lasko wind tunnel fan which I may add we have had for years . The fan we have just wasn’t working the way it used to and in the spring during the day the house gets HOT we are not ready for ac just yet . Me and my husband went to Walmart to get us and our kids a new fan I suggested this one. Let me just say this is the best fan we have owned ! It took our room from 80 degrees to about 70 within minutes! It blows a ton of air it is a little noisy but nothing that would keep you awake. It is all metal so it’s not as “pretty” as most may like but it’s in our bedrooms and no one other than us go in there anyway. We bought a total of 3 today but I intended on going tomorrow to get a one for our living room because it is a sturdy floor fan and I’m getting it to turn on during the day for our dogs while everyone is at work because the house can’t be opened up. I will feel much better about them being in the house while we are at work with no ac on . Do yourself a favor and save yourself money and just buy this fan ! It may be a little pricy for a fan but it WORKS!!! I can’t stress enjoy buy this fan !
  • We just bought this fan and it blows really strong but after just two days it quit working. I’ve never had a fan burn out that quick and even the cheaper plastic fans last forever. We just exchanged it but won’t be surprised if the same happens. Mainstays brand is just cheap junk and they have a lot of nerve selling this for $40.
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